2404: Resident Evil 5 PC Review

2404 writes: "Resident Evil 5 is a strange product of an exchange of ideas. Resident Evil 4 is an incredibly influential game, and with other developers taking ideas from Resident Evil 4 while crafting their own third-person shooter, Capcom takes ideas from all the Resident Evil 4-influenced shooters as a kind of compensation for making a game so awesome. Resident Evil 5 gets the short end of the stick, though, because a lot of what Capcom takes from other games compromises much of the rebooted gameplay established in Resident Evil 4. It's still a well-crafted, usually thrilling shooter with a well thought out online component, but it has no ideas to truly call its own and anything it does take tends to dilute the visceral nature for which Resident Evil 5 tends to strive."

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