Dragon Age Origins Interview: Executive Producer Mark Darrah - Two Years of DLC Planned

TheGameReviews interviews Mike Darrah, discussing Dragon Age's story, setting, and DLC: "We have plans that stretch out for basically two years. And it's going to be everything from really small stuff like item packs up to larger quests that might last an hour or two up to even fully fledged expansion packs. Really it's a broad long term support plan for the game."

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cain1413603d ago

This looks like a great game!

Nihilism3603d ago (Edited 3603d ago )

this game's gonna be awesome and it's good that they'll keep it alive with dlc, but FFS why so much DLC, why not just release a retail expansion pack, you the good old days where you kept what you bought, and didn't have to log in each time you re-install a game and say "please sir will can i have some more" , pc responds: "DRM ACTIVATED!, FLASHING SYSTEM BIOS, ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US!"

EDIT: apparently my disagree-er likes DRM, you go girl!