Don't like curse words? Brutal Legend Lets you Bleep on the fly

Gamesthirst: For many gamers it's not an issue, but for others, excessive curse words in a video game just don't make sense. Some actually take offense when games come laden with f-bombs and the likes.

Certain developers have cleverly steered away from such language, making the path for a friendly rating from ESRB much easier. Others have created an option that allow gamers to bleep out the curse words. One game that comes to mind is Battlefield: Bad Company, the other game is one released today, Brutal Legend. Speaking in an interview, Double Fine's Tim Schafer was asked about the feature.

EG: Why did you include a feature that lets people bleep out the swearing?

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WildArmed3296d ago

haha i loved that in the demo. My lil' cousin was around n didnt want her hearing all that around here.
So turned gore n swearing off.

sorceror1713295d ago

I've got kids and sometimes the only time for games I get is when they're around - so being able to turn off the swear words and gore is almost a requirement for me. That feature was the swing vote that made me put this game on my xmas list.

milked2themax3295d ago

include this feature in their games'