New Exclusive PS3 RPG Announced: Ar Tonelico 3

NIS will be bringing a new installment of Ar Tonelico to the PS3 early next year.

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facepalm3295d ago

YAY!! Loved the first two.

Dragun6193295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

Awesome, just another jrpg to add to already long PS3's line up.
Happy to hear that there jumping to 3D & retain 2D character portraits in menues. Now NIS just needs to bring this over.

PS3 jrpg line up

- White Knight Chronicles
- White Knight Chronicles 2
- Final Fantasy Versus XIII
- Final Fantasy XIII
- Resonance of Fate
- The Last Rebellion
- Trinity Universe
- Atelier Rorona
- Agarest: Generations of War (11/06/09 for NA)
- 3D Dot Heroes
- Trinity: Zill O'll Zero
- Neir Replicant
- Tales Of Vesperia
- Star Ocean IV: The Last Hope International (02/06/10)
- Final Fantasy XIV

Along with the recently released Demon's Souls which should be a requirement for any PS3 owner! Its really that good.

xztence3295d ago


I absolutely loved the first 2.

This is day 1.

Love you NIS! :)

gaffyh3295d ago

Wasn't this already announced ages ago???

UltimateIdiot9113295d ago

Don't forget Valkyria Chronicles and Disgaea 3.

sikbeta3295d ago


The Bad thing about VC is the Second will come for PSP

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Redempteur3295d ago

Ahahah this is GREAT news ..the end of the 2 nd game is wide open for a sequel ( with the heart of gaea and all this stuff )

Can't wait to have the sequel ...

New hymnos to listen ....

/* gamer_orgasm

Naar3295d ago

2010 is full with JRPG :)
Demon soul will keep me busy to 2010

reintype3295d ago

After the "experiments" at the other console, many devs are beginning to realized where the RPG fans truely are. The title of "Console RPG King" is now shifting towards the PS3.

HarukoHex3295d ago

ahahahaha, and the market will be flooded with crappy rpgs from the ps2 era yet again..

N4G king3295d ago

PS2 had the best RPG's of all time

so what ??

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The story is too old to be commented.