CNET: Forza 3 Hands-on: Never underestimate the power of a British accent

CNET writes:

"2009 is suddenly a holiday of racers. If you don't believe that, consider the trifecta that dropped--or will drop--shortly: Need For Speed: Shift, Dirt 2, and Microsoft's holiday tentpole Forza Motorsport 3. All of them promise realistic physics, blazing speeds, and tons of customization, but NFS: Shift and Dirt 2 are multiplatform, while Forza Motorsport 3 is an Xbox 360 first-party exclusive. For my money, though, I'll take Forza 3. After playing all three, the newest Forza has, surprisingly, won me over--not with realism, but with fun.

From a pure car enthusiast's perspective, I'm not sure any game other than Gran Turismo 5 can do any better. Car exteriors and interiors are immaculately rendered, and the 60-frames-per-second graphics make animations and the entire racetrack environment look hyperreal."

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WIIIS13295d ago

King of racers, driving games, driving simulators. Forza 3 is pristine and elaborate without equal.


any other game other than

3295d ago
Xbox Avatars Shoe3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

"Without equal"

Maybe you're right about that, since Need for Speed: Shift and GT5 have surpassed it.

Kushan3294d ago

Hey guys, well done on making that call about GT5 6months before its even released, lovin' those psychic powers of yours.

And that was directed towards everyone here, including the ones saying that Forza 3 is better than it.

prunchess3294d ago

Who would have ever guessed that!

somerandomdude3294d ago

My comment had a point, Am I not allowed to say in a joking matter even if it's relevant?

cryymoar3294d ago

I never underestimated the power of Phil Harrison's accent.
Wish he was still with Sony. :'(

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Tesselation 3603294d ago

No Custamazation = Fail
No rewind = Fail
No millions of polygons = Fail
Same cars different paintjobs and blag about having 900 cars = Fail
Need for speed graphics = Fail
Wait till im old enough not to be able to use gamepad = Fail
Nuff said.

cant wait for 23 oct for my special edition = mega success

LiL T3294d ago

Thinking that decals count as Custamazation = Fail
Needing rewind = Fail
Millions of polygons and it still looks like that with worse car models than Shift = Fail
Same cars different paintjobs and braging about having 400 cars = Fail
Worse than Need for speed graphics = Fail
Not being abe to use G27 wheel = Fail
Nuff said.
Can't wait for March next year for my special edition = mega success

mmj3294d ago

I hate when reviews use photo mode to get screenshots.

Kushan3294d ago

Actually these are all stock photographs from Microsoft, not the editor. I'm guessing he was either too lazy to take his own, or simply didn't have the equipment for it.

edgeofblade3294d ago

I would hardly call that lazy. And I would hardly call the graphics that important... enough so to warrant this discussion at least.

A game like Heavy Rain? Sure, bring on the graphics. I'm watching an interactive movie, so it might as well look good. But a game where you are driving a car? Honestly, I think people should worry about how it feels before they worry about how it looks.

Jdoki3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

For pure fun factor, Dirt 2 is ticking all the boxes for me.

Might pick up Forza 3 when it drops in price as there doesn't seem to be enough new content or improvements to overthrow Forza 2.

EDIT: Oops, meant Dirt 2, not Grid 2 :)

HarukoHex3294d ago

your joking right. real drag-racing, real drift racing, more maps, more cars, better online community.

I guess your just a biased person then huh...that and you haven't played the demo which shows how much better it looks then F2.

Keowrath3294d ago

Or perhaps he has an opinion that differs from your own! Just because he prefers one game to another does not make him automatically biased.

No wonder you only have 2 bubbles!

Sarcasm3294d ago

I'm definitely going to buy Forza 3. Used.

Support great games, not arrogant developers.

Jdoki3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )


Thanks for making me see the light, I'm going to order Forza 3 right now. I forgot that having an opinion on N4G that is different from yours was wrong and instantly makes me bias /sarcasm (just in case you didn't get it).

Out of interest, how am I supposed to be biased? Are you saying I'm biased towards multi-plat games just because I don't squeel with girlish prepubescent glee every time Microsoft repackage another game and sells it at full price? (By the way, a quick click on my profile page may surprise you to find a 360 Gamercard, but I also own a Wii and PS3!)

I've played Forza 2 heavily, and even bought the 'smoking' 360 race wheel. But Forza 3 just doesn't look like enough of a step forward to warrant my money. At the moment I just prefer a straight-up-in-your-face-arcad e-experiences, which is exactly what Dirt 2 offers.

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