Kombo: Uncharted 2 Review

Uncharted 2 can't come with enough rave recommendations. This game has something for everybody, no questions asked. The doors have been blown off the action adventure genre and the bar is set to a level that will be hard to reach for years to come. The unprecedented quality behind Uncharted 2 makes it hard to believe it will ever be topped. It seems each generation has their own action adventure explorer like Indiana Jones or Lara Croft but those names are can't stand up next to the new champion, Nate Drake. Uncharted 2 is the new standard of how video games will be judged. If other titles haven't lured you into buying a PS3, this is the perfect opportunity to find out what you have been missing.

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snipermk04229d ago

chalk that up as another perfect score on metacritic.

krouse934229d ago

HellZ yea this is The best game of all time!

leeger4229d ago

there are still some sites and magazines that are yet to review this game, one of the is EDGE.

snipermk04229d ago

And I also agree with the article that this game has EVERYTHING for every kind of gamer..

Action adventure
puzzle solving
driving (?)

Thing is.. I'd like to see a one on one between Nathan drake and Kratos. lol :P

AKNAA4229d ago

Picking this baby up rite after work! I think I will definitely buy one of those new 120 hz 40" lcd Tv's. I've seen one in action with dead space and RE5 and trust me, It makes the Games look EXTRA Gorgeous! superior Picture, color and doubles the frame rate for more fluid, smooth realistic animation and movement!

badz1494229d ago

can't wait to receive my copy!


yeah...that will improve the graphics of games drastically! I have a 37" (1366x768) HDTV and 23" 1080p LCD monitor! although both support 1080p, all games look way better on my monitor compared to my TV at 720p and 1080p! 1st I thought it's the screen size problem but when I went to the Sony Style and watch LBP on the full HD bravia, I was blown away by the difference! I might pick 1 new HDTV soon if I have extra cash! those TVs are making me drooling!

AKNAA4229d ago

I thought it depends on the screen size as well for a while. like the smaller the better looking, until my cuz bought a 52" 1080p, 120 hz sony xbr something.. but it was one of sony's high end models and like I said, OMG! lets just say that it simply made my Sony 40" 720p hdtv look so outdated and sh1tty compared to his, lol!
yeah, I was quite impressed on how Great the games looked even on a 52" hdtv... Not to mention jealous, lol...

GamerPS3604229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

I really want to play this game but I am so sucked in demon's souls right now. I will be getting this game by 14th since I already pre-ordered online but It is going to have to wait.

Demon's souls is better game while uncharted 2 could be better once I start playing but right now Demon's Souls all the way.

sony 40" v4100. only 60 mhz but I am happy with it 'coz the color is very good.

WildArmed4229d ago

ND had one mission and one mission only when it came to the action adventure genre:

Syronicus4229d ago

Oh I know, they won't post their review because they could not find a reason to dock it any points and since even they saw it as a perfect game they will refuse to post a review at all. Am I right?

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clintos594229d ago

I tried to go on to play only to find out the beta expired. :(

I cant wait to pick this up tomorrow. Anyone know or is there a midnight release? Would love to buy 3 copies ASAP for me, my bro & my nephew.

Myst4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

From what I've heard ( mostly read ) there are some Midnight releases. <-- Link.

How could you get a disagree for-- you know what never mind...

WildArmed4229d ago (Edited 4229d ago )

coz u mentioned ... omg i has no clue -.-

NoBias4229d ago

Which was a small random Gamestop on ventura out here in Tarzana, CA (Los Angelesish area). I'd say only about 15-20 people were there, nothing huge at all. But there was one specific person there who kinda made this launch a little different from all the rest in the US.

F'ing Christophe Balestra, Co-President of Naughty Dog

He was kind enough to sign my copy and grab a quick photo with me. This should give you a strong idea of how cool Naughty Dog is. I still can't believe they showed up to a random little gamestop on a midnight launch!

There was also another lead designer there but I forget his name :\ Both of them were cool as hell though. That's got to be thee most random and coolest midnight launch I've ever been to haha.

NecrumSlavery4229d ago

Cheater! Level 55? That's cool lol, but I notice some guy playing that were high leveled but glitched when they moved and could take a full clip on the head. Hope the MP isn't going to be plagued with hackers, cause it's some of the best multiplayer action I've ever played.

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PirateThom4229d ago

I think I'm going to head to the 24 hour Tesco's at midnight on Thursday/Friday to snag a copy.... :(

Damn UK release dates.

SnuggleBandit4229d ago

i feel for ya. I have only been without the beta for half a day and i'm already going insane haha

TheBlackSmoke4229d ago

Ive put my trust in delivery service, risky with the postal strike at the moment but so worth it for the collectors edition.

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