Intel graphics drivers employ questionable 3DMark Vantage optimizations

Geoff Gasior writes: In the early days of GPUs, application-specification performance optimizations in graphics drivers were viewed by many as cheating. Accusations were hurled with regularity, and in some cases, there was real cheating going on. Some optimizations surreptitiously degraded image quality in order to boost performance, which obviously isn't kosher. Optimizations that don't affect an application's image quality are harder to condemn, though, especially if you're talking about games. If a driver can offer users smoother gameplay without any ill effects, why shouldn't it be allowed?

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Nihilism4360d ago

3dmark is great and all but if i'm still not getting a 30 frame minimum in crysis then wtf is the point in checking how thousands of points you's a good point of reference though, sometimes your pc can be running slow and it helps you boil down what the porblem is, bad mobo driver can = score drop etc