Ten Game Industry Events That Shaped 2009

VGChartz, Stephen Kelley Writes: "2009 has been a tumultuous year for video game companies, with both good and bad stemming from it. Due to a lot of factors, 2009 is shaping up to be one of the m ore interesting times in the history of games, with company closures, epic milestones, and more. So without further ado I present the ten biggest events of 2009, in no particular order."

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Madusha3294d ago

Very well written article, gotta agree with most parts. Especially the industry's lack of secret keeping.

sabestar3294d ago

Gotta agree, this is a very well-written article.

I don't care about people bad-mouthing this site, I for one like it.
I rarely find articles that are so well written and richly informing as this.

vhero3293d ago

Great article but should be written in December as considering how this year has gone there is bound to be something else to add to that list before it ends.

Homicide3293d ago

Awesome article. Everyone should read this.

Duke_Silver3294d ago

the zombie pic cracked me up

bmw693294d ago

It's amazing how far special effects have come :-)

bmw693294d ago

Excellent article - well written and totally unbiased - a rare thing to find these days!

Braineater24483293d ago

Wow...I really enjoyed that. Thanks :)