Hombrewed PS3 System File Editor

PS3 Hacker's RichDevX, Hellcat, and SilverSpring plan to release their PS3 System file editor (SFO) in approximately 48 hours. The app is user friendly and allows the editing of SFO files, similar to the one Sony has but with less restrictions.

Screenshot/teaser of application at link.


Download now available here:

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Bereaver4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

broken link or am i just blocked lol?

Ok, its fixed now, no more 404.

Godmars2904001d ago

Is this suppose to work the Slim or the older versions that still have Linux?

HarukoHex4001d ago

why, because taz ps3z is supposed to be unhackable.

get over it.

Microsoft Xbox 3604001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

"Get over it"

Jeez you make it seem like I hate the idea of a hacked PS3. I actually can't wait for that day to come. The PS3 is over 3 years old now and remains unhackable thus my conclusion to why it's "another fake". It's most likely another lame/fake hacker trying to get his name out there like usual.

tripewire4001d ago

well it is unhackable. Show me a pirated game running on a ps3 ill agree its hacked.

gaffyh4001d ago

@3.3 - there is a hack to run pirated PS2 games on a normal PS3, and a test PS3 can play pirated PS3 games (although these units are very expensive and rare)

On topic- If true, I'm going to use this to clean up the crap on my HDD hopefully.

sikbeta4001d ago

It has to be unhackeable, you know what happen when Devs don't get the money from their work? I want quality games not Flash games that's why all of us have to pay for games

ThanatosDMC4001d ago

No thanks. I would rather not have the PS3 hacked cuz that would mean less games for us in the future than there should be.

I mean, look at what happened to the PSP... yes, my 1000 and 2000 ran cfw and downloaded games... though i did buy them. It just killed the PSP games that could have been released like DMC on the PSP and whatever else that could have been.

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renanbianchi4001d ago

I don't understand all, but with this file editor you can theorycally edit any info the PS3 uses to match the ones on the disc, if it doesn't match, it goes back to the xmb without any message, if it does, well.... Hello World!

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