Left 4 Dead 2 (Australian) Campaign Levels Revealed

The achievements for the upcoming zombie gore-fest, Left 4 Dead 2 have been leaked, and coming along with them are the new campaign levels with those cool movie posters seen in the first game.

Along with the campaign levels for the final game, Gamerz Ink has provided PG-rated movie taglines for each movie poster that fall more in line with the Australian version. See how different they are to the normal ones? Do they pass classification?

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WildArmed3291d ago

I love the multiplayer for L4D.

Was fun getting a boomer and booming every1's ass as a licker pullone of them away and a Tank comes running to rape every1.

ahh the good old days.

The addition of new mobs in multiplayer seems to be a good plan.
cant wait :)