Diehard GameFAN: Dungeons and Dragons Online: Eberron Unlimited Review (PC)

For a truly addicting and fun Dungeons and Dragons experience in an MMO form, this game really delivers. From the amped up and well adapted level system from the 3.5 table-top version, to the realization of the Eberron world through the city of Stormreach and its outlying areas with a few tweaks here and there, DDO keeps you interested and feeling like you're in a really well padded campaign. Add to that it's new points and VIP system, playing an MMO for free can be a risky prospect, but it seems Turbine has done its homework and come up with something that really works. Diehard GameFAN is encouraging any gamers who have a taste for RPGs or even MMOs to give it a shot. At most it'll cost you a few hours of your time to download it, and even then you can hop in and play the starter island while the rest of the game downloads.

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