Top 5 songs MISSING in The Beatles: Rock Band

The fact that Harmonix can build a whole game around The Beatles is a testament to how many great songs the boys from Liverpool created. The Beatles had 27 number #1 hits, more than any other band in history. However, way too many of their hit songs are missing from The Beatles: Rock Band. And they still aren't available as DLC either. Here's a top 5 list of the most glaring omissions.

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crazygoji3290d ago

Abbey Road on the 20th, Sgt Pepper in Nov and Rubber Soul in Dec. If they sell well, others will follow. I personally hope they do the White Album so I can take part in the craziness of Revolution 9. As for the three part harmonies, Because on Abbey Road will be the ultimate test, If I Fell was a two part harmony.