GayGamer Review: Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days

GayGamer writes :"I was a huge fan of the original Kingdom Hearts. The three act storyline was "simple and clean", more or less comprehensible, and featured a handful of likable original characters interacting with Disney characters. I also played both Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and the hidden bonus game, Kingdom Hearts: Reverse/Rebirth. Those games introduced The Organization, but were still very much Disney-feeling and hyper focused on Sora, Riku, and Kairi. In Kingdom Hearts 2, things started to feel a little different. The Organization was now at the forefront of the plot, and the Disney elements were somewhat put on the back burner even more. I felt Kingdom Hearts 2 was a step forward in gameplay, but a step backwards in story. The new characters introduced were not quite as compelling as the original Destiny Island trio, and questions left over from the first game (Kairi's past, the origin of the keyblade, the identity of the voice that guided Sora, the contents of Kingdom Hearts) remained unanswered."

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