IBM's POWER6 flies the coop at 4.7GHz

IBM's POWER6 debuts at 4.7GHz, doubling both the clockspeed and (in many cases) the performance of its predecessor. With numbers like these, who needs out-of-order execution?

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marison4582d ago

4.7GHz Power6 core equivalent 2 x PPE.

It will really be a better general purpose CPU in the same time that will maintain the same FPU power from the great SPEs.

ITR4582d ago

Better get some liquid cooling then.
The 360 has the old Power5 processors in it.

If the 360 had liquid cooling it would never warp the logic board.

Maybe new Xbox processor?...hopefully with liquid cooling.

WilliamRLBaker4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

it would fry it, liquid cooling is a tricky thing, prone to more problems then fan cooling, infact when the 360 was first announced they said it would have liquid cooling.

hfaze4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

You're more likely to see this in an AIX server or workstation than you are in a gaming system... At least for now.

Although, a new revision of the Cell using the Power6 tweaks would be very interesting... Especially in a workstation... Still waiting on that IBM... I WANT A CELL BASED GRAPHIC WORKSTATION MONSTER... ;-)

bootsielon4582d ago

1000 cores (Students proved it was possible to have 500 in one processor) running at 1 Terahertz (IBM achieved 500 Gigahertz not long ago on a laboratory) on this architecture. Man, wouldn't that rock?

ITR4582d ago

My G5 came with liquid cooling for it's dual 2.5PPC processors and I have yet had any issues with it.
3 plus yrs running.
(knock on wood)

Without fans it does about 140-150 degrees...then the fans kick in (for about 5 sec) and it drops to 116.
It usually stays around 120-130.

The reason the G5 never went into a Powerbook was because of heat issues.
It was going to use liquid cooling as well but for just one processor.

WilliamRLBaker4582d ago

I cannot vouch for the reliablity of Profesionally installed water cooling like that of MAC (mac is known for hardware not so much) but i do know of alienware...ect watercooling as well as user installed watercooling nightmares, one tiny leak and your computer fries.

DEIx15x84582d ago

I remember Microsoft announcing it as being liquid cooled. I was always disappointed it never happened. That probably kept the price down substantially though since that's usually pricey (It seems reliable though).

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Russbomb4582d ago

A cheap shot at Apple and a super fast technology all in one article?
This is like awesome to the max. I am really amazed at how fast these things progress, I wasn't last christmas I was looking at buying a laptop and intel core 2 duos were really expensive, now there really cheap

WilliamRLBaker4582d ago

too many leaps in tech each year, and too many times i'll buy something and not 2 months later i find it for 100+ dollars cheaper.

ITR4582d ago

I'm glad Apple switch to Intel.
It might only be 3Ghz but it has 4 cores.
It also can run XP and Vista now.

Knowing Intel they'll have a 4GHz processor out by the end of the yr.

Expy4582d ago

Pretty significant leap in CPU frequency with this chip.

DEIx15x84582d ago

With Apple no longer using PowerPCs and the next generation of consoles not starting till 2010 at the earliest where are these used? Windows computers use Intel and AMD, they don't even support this architecture.

ITR4582d ago

Probably servers and etc..

I could see MS and Nintendo going IBM in 2009-2010.

4.7 for the Xbox and maybe a 2Ghz for the Nintendo maybe.

mcintosh2334581d ago

i've got a feeling apple is gonna come out with a console. if they put something like this and a dx10 beast in it, it will blow the current consoles out of the water with apples popularity at the mo.

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