New Device Reads Both HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc Media

One of the differences between the HD DVD and Blu-ray Disc formats is the discs' structure. Although both formats use the same laser wavelength (405nm), Sony's format modifies the structure of the disc to achieve a higher value of numerical aperture, which allows Blu-ray Disc to store up to 25GB on the same area a HD DVD disc can store 15GB.

As a result, Blu-ray Disc is incompatible with HD DVD and DVD media because instead of having a 12mm thick disc made of a 0.6 mm disc with 0.6 mm protective coating on top (as in DVD media), Blu-ray Disc is made of a 1.1 mm disc covered by a 0.1mm protective layer.

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BLACKSTYX5798d ago

the beginning of the end

FreeMonk5798d ago

Well does that mean then if Sony's Blu Ray disc protective layer is only 0.1mm compared to HD-DVD's 0.6mm layer, your more likely to damage your Blu Ray discs??

I've had problems with DVD discs sometimes that I bought from the shop that wasn't connected to the inside box and had a little scratch on and didn't want to play, so surely Blu-Ray is going to be worse!!

Have Sony dropped yet another bollock?

DG5798d ago

BR uses a different type of coating that is more durable.