IGN: NBA 2K10 Review

2K Sports stayed away from the portable sports arena, and with a showing like this, it's easy to see why: the port over to the PSP isn't particularly good. The turbo completely destroys any realistic or believable gameplay, the presentation is non-existent and some game issues, coupled with menu confusion and slowdown turns the title into a muddied, mediocre mess. You may want basketball on the go, but this isn't the game you want for that experience.

Presentation - 7.0
Graphics - 6.5
Sound - 4.0
Gameplay - 5.0
Lasting Appeal - 5.5
Overall -

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Ace_2353294d ago

damn i was thinkin about gettin it too

theEnemy3294d ago

if anyone is doesn't know.

Blaze9293294d ago

yeah i was about to be like WTF

Madusha3294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Harsh score - 5.5 / 10. They really could of put more work into the gameplay.

dragonyght3294d ago

i get the feeling they review those game according to console standard

bunfighterii3294d ago


I got 2k10 for PS3 and that's also suffering from alot of issues, notably terrible frame rate/slow down and various glitches in gameplay that are really frustrating, but at least they can patch it.

Looks like 2k took a backward step this year.

Is there a good ball game on PSP? I want one for a trip i'll be taking in december.

iceman063294d ago

I have NEVER had frame rate/slow down issues. The only problems with 2k10 are the legacy issues that have been in 2k since it started on Playstation. Like, for example, sometimes shooting from the baseline and hitting the side of the backboard. Diving out of bounds to save the ball is STILL not really precise...players just kinda chuck the ball backwards hoping that their team members will get it. Finally, the goaltending/ basket interference calls when going for a rebound that might be floating around the rim.
I would say that 2k10 is definitely a step forward graphically (since it is now sharp and detailed in comparison to previous 2k where it seemed muddied and blurry). They have added more animations, as I have seen more context sensitive animations in just the week I have had the game. The commentary is some of the best that I have heard, mostly due to the varied nature of the comments (more conversational and situational) They even talked about REAL preseason schedules. The ONLY complaints that I have with 2K are the same ones that have been passed down from prior 2K games. (by the way, most of THOSE issues from above are ones that devs tend to struggle with balancing on basketball games in general)

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