PlayStation Release Horizon 10/12/09

PlayStation LifeStyle writes: "This week is great week for PlayStation 3 owners simply because of Rocktober 13th. On this day, there is one PS3-exclusive that we know you're picking up. But just in case there's a little extra room here-and-there for some other gems, here are this weeks releases on all PlayStation platforms."

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Raoh3292d ago


* Brutal Legend (10/13)
* Care Race-O-Rama (10/13)
* Fallout 3 Game of the Year Edition (10/13)
* Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (10/13)
* Way of the Samurai 3 (10/13)
* Where the Wild Things Are (10/13)
* Topatoi (10/15)


* Cars Race-O-Rama (10/13)
* Half-Minute Hero (10/13)


* Cars Race-O-Rama (10/13)

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You almost have to feel sorry for some of these games...

You would have to be a real jack black or metal fan to choose brutal legend over uncharted 2

sorry son, we cant get cars race-o-rama, daddy got to play some uncharted..

Fallout 3: GOTY with all the dlc the ps3 owners didnt get early on? sorry bethesda poor timing.. spending my money else where.. should have milked me for my money when you had the chance.. (mind you i'd like to revisit fallout 3 but demon's souls already has my RPG heart) (or soul if you will)

Want to play way of the samurai 3 as well.. not happening this week though.. maybe later on in a few weeks i'll rent it from gamefly or burn it to the 360.. but by that time modern warfare 2 will be out..