PS3 selling strong in Germany

The recent price cut for the video game console, PS3 has Sony bestowed in Germany a strong sales results. In September, the daughter of the Japanese electronics group games in this country has sold approximately 88,000 units of its console. That was about two and a half times as many as in August, when Sony had sold about 36,000 PS3. This is shown by the latest data from Media Control GfK subsidiary in the possession of this newspaper.

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HighDefinition3296d ago

I`m being sarcastic.

But for real, it`s nice to see the PS3 doing so well after all the sh!t it`s been dragged thru by SOME outlets of the gaming media.

table3296d ago

yeah, it's quite disturbing how the american media managed to spin the 3rd fastest selling console in history into 'failure' with a constant lambasting of false negative articles and half truths. But what is worse, the people spreading lies and deceit or the people dumb enough to fall for it?

sikbeta3295d ago

Nobody is playing sales, only enjoying good news about something that I like is doing good, very good being precisely

Ron_Burgundy3296d ago

It's great really, with the commercials, consumers finally know what they've been missing out on, the best console this gen the PS3