Super Smash Bros Brawl Release Date Confirmed

According to Super Smash Bros Brawl Web Site, there is a major update. There is now a countdown clock showing the release. One problem for most of us is that it is not in English.

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unsunghero284169d ago

What kind of a story is that?

I don't think the countdown clock is to the release of the game, it's to the release of the new website... And if you mean that the release date for Brawl is written in Japanese then why wouldn't you tell everyone about what it means?

Honeal2g4169d ago

oo ... ok i see it now its says "this is crap dont read"

wiijared4169d ago

Why don't they just show the release date? When I click on the link it sends me to the countdown for the site to open!

sumfood4u4169d ago

I was excited til I read the article.

M_Prime4169d ago

starting today is not a release date.. i think the site will be up later one 2day.. and since everything is in JAPAN time i have no clue when later will be lol..

I just want anything.. well anything more then this site has been so far... a countdown for the site is pretty lame... but gives so much anticipation.

Also this is bound to have some news on it.. but i know Nintendo and its hard to get any news from their sites.. they are so secrative about everything.. which u gatta love and hate at the same time.

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