PS3 Motion Control: Top 5 Hardcore Titles We Want

Now many may think this is blasphemous, but before you throw your controller at the screen listen for a bit. Wouldn't it be great to see Wii titles that were aimed at the hardcore gamer, on the PS3 using the Wiimote? How about titles that would just match because of the wand itself. I mean it's already somewhat happening. Capcom's retooling Resident Evil 5 for magic wand control. These are titles that were glanced over by their casual audience. So why not new life? Take a look at what the Kingslayer's Journal believes are top 5 hardcore titles we want to see on the PS3 with magic wand control.

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Relientk773297d ago

what is Lost Winds?

never heard of it

HighDefinition3297d ago

I don`t want HARDCORE games, for the motion controller.

Give me that bow and arrow tech demo for like 5-6 bucks, and little games like that, that are actually cool (unlike most games for the wii) and I`m good.

WildArmed3297d ago

actually i'd be happy with a kewl tech demo like the sword one for abit.

I dunt really wanna jump into the PS motion stuff till about 6 months after its release.

Dellis3297d ago

How about a better design that doesn't look like sex toy?