Videogamer: Brutal Legend Review

Videogamer writes: "Brutal Legend is a game that an awful lot of people are going to enjoy, despite its combat failings. It's undoubtedly a fun game, packed full with humour (although this does tail off towards the end), metal references, amazing encounters and memorable characters. It's the RTS sections that really let the game down for me, feeling like a good idea that hasn't quite been implemented well enough to gel with the rest of the game. It's testament to the quality of Brutal Legend as a whole that this core gameplay component can be overlooked, as in a lesser game, created by a less imaginative team, such problems would be a deal-breaking flaw. For Brutal Legend, it just prevents a great game from being one of the greatest".

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Darkstorn3479d ago

Picking it up tomorrow! Just crossing my fingers that the campaign isn't as short as everyone is saying.