Snow Leopard Bug is a Doozy, How Did Apple Miss It?

Update: Apple has responded to a request for a response stating only: "We are aware of the issue, which occurs only in extremely rare cases, and we are working on a fix."

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Darkseider3293d ago

The same bug existed when you upgraded from Win2k to WinXP Pro. Not to mention the numerous bugs and security holes that still exist in Vista and Windows 7. Where's the articles about how much of a kludge Windows is?

JOLLY13293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

They are back in 2002 and 2007. This is n4g (news for gamers) not h4g (history for gamers). Also if XP and Vista did that, it is maybe because they are new operating systems. Snow leopard is just a service pack that you pay for.

Elven63293d ago

Bu bu bu Mac's can't make mistakes! :p

I joke, but if this bug was in Windows for instance people would be here bashing Windows, Microsoft, etc and touting how superior Mac's are for not having the usual marketing spew.

evrfighter3293d ago

A data destroying bug at this point in the game?...

Wow Apple not only fell asleep at the wheel but they somehow managed to open the door and fall outta the car.

FadeToBlack3293d ago

Apple fanboys have such a superiority complex.

Bonsai12143293d ago

and that's why the .2 update will be half a gig.

ArmrdChaos3293d ago

Apple is the one running adds saying they are virus free compared to Windows...guess that is not the case. Pretty much proves that neither OS is impervious. Maybe if Apple had a big enough market share for hackers to give a rat's a$$ about them they might find themselves in the same boat.

sunil3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I am no apple fanboy... but software is prone to bugs... those who write these software are after all human :)

MerkinMax3293d ago

I expected the rare bug to be a real Snow Leopard bursting out of your Mac and mauling you to death. Hopefully this doesn't happen to me.

jadenkorri3293d ago

actually they wouldn't, people would accept it and move on, yeah it sucks losing your data, but its expected from MS... This is blown out of proportion cause its apple...

Julie3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Offtopic but i loled at the pic is so funny hahahaha! :D

Is he doing like ewww?!!!

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Hutch23553293d ago

Enjoying my martini and wating for the fun.

chrisulloa3293d ago

Weird, but it's no big deal. They do security updates pretty fast.

Ron_Burgundy3293d ago

when all M$ does is take notes of Mac OSs

this is also obviously better than Windows 7

Eiffel3293d ago


And dog sh!t is worth more than gold.

Moragami3292d ago

This is a gamers website, why on Earth would a Mac user have any interest in a gaming website? Only an idiot would buy a Mac for gaming when you could build a monster PC for 1/4 the cost.
Mac troll, go away, you are as outdated as your namesake.

Fatal Blow3293d ago

I just bought a macbook pro 13in after going hell and back and forth lol with ms all the virus and slow mo then i just got a mac because everyone one say's there great so i got the snow leopard os and its great guy's try it u might like it am using it now but the only problem with mac's are the flash when watching flash like youtube or any anime online it heats up one time and the fan kicks in but that's flash adobe fault and there is no virus to worry about because apple tends to update the os once they find a virus

hitthegspot3293d ago

Hey Pat,
I'd like to buy a period

evrfighter3293d ago

sorry we are all outta periods.

Nihilism3293d ago

"sorry we are all outta periods"

my gf can hook you up..could get messy though...too far?

Kakkoii3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Sorry, but I prefer having a right click and middle click option. Along with majority software/hardware support, including games. And the option to upgrade the parts of my computer when needed, not be wasteful and buy a whole new computer each time.

Only uninformed/stupid people get virus's.

1.) Don't click on random AD's, or any AD's for that matter, as 99% of the time the AD's are links to sites whose primary purpose is to infect you.

2.) Don't use InternetExplorer. Use Firefox with AdBlock Plus add-on. (And NoScript if you want 100% security.)

3.) If your downloading suspicious files, such as when your pirating something. Don't just open it. Scan it with a virus scanner first, especially the keygen, which is usually what's infected. (I upload all keygen's I'm about to use to and if it tells me it's infected, I run the keygen in a program called "Sandboxie" to keep me from becoming infected :) .

Moragami3292d ago

So, how does it handle games? That's what I thought. Shut up.

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