IGN Montage: Uncharted 2 Excessive Force Video

Take a look at IGN montage video of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves Excessive Force.
(The video not available on embed at the moment)

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DanSolo3345d ago

lol I just followed your link and I have to say that's some pretty funny sh1t mate!

WildArmed3345d ago

Everytime anyone watches Uncharted 2 you now know what happens :)

renegade3345d ago

You're right Excessive awesome!!

DanSolo3345d ago

Man this game just keeps looking better all the time...... and I would quite happily "Do" Jessica Chobot!

dgroundwater3345d ago

Look at the 12 second mark. Nice shirt Sam Fisher! Then the next scene, beepbeepbeep WTF BOOM! Great vid.