Call of Juarez: Multiplayer Bonanza

Call of Juarez is blasting onto the Xbox 360 this summer, and it's packing. IGN jumped into their first multiplayer battles via Xbox Live on Friday and they claim that they haven't laughed this hard since launching dead bodies off of the mancannon in the Halo 3 beta? Why? Headshots on horseback never gets old.

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FCOLitsjustagame4168d ago

This game was on my buy list and everything in this article keeps it firmly there. Should be fun. Hey and maybe I will get to rule the old west as I dont think a lot of people are planning on getting this game :).

Dr Pepper4168d ago

I liked Gun, so i will probably pick this one up.
Im still waiting for Gun 2 to be announced...

kewlkat0074167d ago

Red Dead revolver. I might give this game a try also, because its different. Cowboy Up...