The Gamesmen, Episode 15 LIVE

Are you prepared for the wackiness that is The Gamesmen LIVE? Join Lyfeliek, Xcalybr, Rabid Scotsman, Zeiram Wing, AcidBee, and a call-in cast of many for game talk, live RPG, and more! There were several giveaways, including one sponsored by Good Old Games at! Also, visit to find out how YOU can assist in the Extra Life gaming marathon. Topics discussed are too numerous to mention…

* Intro Music Composed By gamertag "TheHoleyMoley"
* Featured Interlude Music: Psychonauts
* Outro Music "Over Now" by Alice In Chains
* Download Lyfe's interview with Dead Space Extraction Exec. Producer Steve Papoutsis
* Buy The White Shadow Saga:The Stolen Moon of Londor at
* Good Old Games Giveaway courtesy of gaming!)
* Join us in or donate to Extra Life- gaming benefit for Pediatric Cancer
* Listen To TQCast Ep. 82 For Turtle Beach P21 PS3 Headset Giveaway Details

The Gamesmen appreciate the feedback, so keep it coming! Please leave comments here or to the address, plus, submit news stories with roles you'd love to see the guys shoved into. The Gamesmen really need your support to help get this thing off the ground! Contact the show at [email protected] or simply comment below!(03:19:59)

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