Rumor: Red Steel sequel to go online

The latest rumblings stem from a job opening on Gamasutra from developer Ubisoft seeking an online programmer specifically for Nintendo Wii.

The position is for a studio in Paris, "where Red Steel and Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter games have been developed." The listing also notes that "knowledge of Unreal" (presumably the engine) is a plus.

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ITR4754d ago

UR Engine 2 I guess?

It would be crazy if it used UR Engine 3.

Either way it should be better then the last.
Fix the zooming and I'll buy it!
Make zooming a D-pad press.

PS360WII4754d ago

Seeing that they don't have a launch window to fight with I'm hoping for a more polished game ^^ Lets see what they can push to the table

PhinneousD4754d ago

a fps on the wii wifi might be lagalicious. i enjoyed the launch title, but hopefully they won't rush this one. we'll see, oh yes, we will see.

ChickeyCantor4754d ago

why would it have lag? do you even know the server speed and stability?......

SinnedNogara4205d ago

They better not lag this one. Red Steel 2 online would be awesome. I would love to slash someone with a katana and shoot them online. Hope it uses WiiSpeak, WiiMotion Plus, and DLC as a factor. WiiConnect24 would also be nice. Please tell Ubisoft.