GameOn: Halo 3 : ODST Review

GameOn writes: "The word fan boy gets pushed around a lot these days as gamers get more defensive over their favourite game or console being slated. Some people say I'm a Halo fan boy. This is true, I love the series even from the days when the Xbox was nothing more to me than a black box at my friends' house. I remember being hooked on the story line of the first, annoyed at how short the second one is and how the third just blew me away with the new Xbox 360 visuals and even better game play and story line. But as quickly as it started it was over and Bungie had decided that the trilogy had been told and so the series was over. But now Halo: ODST takes you into another angle of the game being placed within the second and third chapters of the original Halo story line. We follow a team of Orbital Drop Ship Troopers as they prepare to embark on trying to regain control of new Mombasa."

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