Counter-Strike Sequel (And Why Hardcore Fans Will Hate It)

Lowpings........Counter-Strike co-creator Minh Le is gearing up to release his sequel, Tactical Intervention, and while that might sound like a thesaurus-based restatement of the original concept it looks like being a very different game. For one, it doesn't involve original co-creator Jess Cliffe. For another, it seems entirely engineered to enrage CS Server players.

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ZombieAutopsy3296d ago

Some will hate, others will love. In the end everyone wins because its another game you can CHOOSE to play.

FrankDrebin3296d ago

make 'guesses' about games that haven't been released yet!

Pandamobile3296d ago

Tactical Intervention isn't a sequel to Counter Strike.

Rofflecopter3296d ago

exactly. CS is going to take a long time to die off, and CS players (for the most part) are very loyal to the game.

ryano232773296d ago

But by the way you wrote this it seems like the game I am looking for.

So in an online match and I die, I have to wait for that match to finish before I rejoin (no respawning)

If so, then this is the type of shooter that I want to play.
Are there any other online shooters that do this?

Pandamobile3296d ago

The learning curve on CSS is pretty high. Expect to get raped for a while before you can really start getting kills. Especially if you're migrating from consoles.

I was lucky enough that CS 1.6 was my first online FPS. Started playing when I was about 11 or 12. Now everything's easy :)

evrfighter3296d ago

most console gamers give up in frustration after trying cs after an hour. But ya expect to get raped for awhile if your a console gamer switching over to pc. Just a warning in advance. While it is true there are hackers on cs. When you peek a corner and get instantly headshotted. It's very common among legit players. Just an FYI so you don't start flippin out and calling everyone a hack in game. You don't wanna do that in cs. Those guys are fueled by tears.

BTW this reminds of the creators of the 1942 desert combat mod, making their own game by the name of Frontlines: Fuel Of War...Never did play it.

Horny3296d ago

Socom is like that. Counterstrike and Socom are the best online shooters in my opinion. Socom is slightly more team oriented but both are fun as hell and expect to get owned playing at first, you cant just jump in and get kills like in COD or Halo.

cyberwaffles3295d ago

socom used to be really popular with no respawn game matches until confrontation introduced respawning abilities (although most hardcore socom players turn it off.) if you like games like that, then you might like socom. for me, it's the counter strike on console although i like counter strike more.

just like CS, however, it has a high learning curve and a lot of people might find the game pretty average.

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RememberThe3573296d ago

I remember the days when I was good at CS... Then I stopped caring and started sucking. Now I don't even think about touching the game.

This is the first time I've heard about Tactical Intervention, but my interest is piqued.

BYAAHHH3296d ago

CS is something that if you become good at it, you have to commit to it to maintain that level of skill. Same thing for other shooters, but I believe it is most relevant to CS.

Sigh3296d ago

I remember when Counter-strike source came out, all my friends hated playing source, even if I suggested them to try it to play with me since I didn't have 1.6 at the time. It was hard for them to migrate from 1.6 to Source since its gameplay was a bit different (It wasn't too different imo). Today, both 1.6 and Source community are strong, friends don't hate it as they used too. Zombie Mods on Source changed their minds lol. So if a new CS comes out, expect some bashing and bickering.

DarkBlood3296d ago

hmmm can this old game still be bought or am i out of luck?

cuz i was thinking about buying some games like kotor 1 so i thought i buy a 1000 terebyte cheap ass external drive for putting my digital pc games now keep in mind that i just started getting into pc games

so i only have in disc form
Mass Effect *GREAT Game lucky my pc could handle it*

command and conquer first decade *terrible port had problems that i had to spend hours getting it to work*

left4dead great fun multiplayer game * but i realise its get slow sometimes when massive zombies attack you all at once or that it seems to go really smooth if u look in the sky but gets bit slower when your shooting zombies n stuff

its obvious i need a graphic card but i dnt know jackshit bout that and i cant upgrade my pc cuz its under a warranty 2 more stinking years to go

Pandamobile3296d ago

Counter Strike? Obviously it's still available. $20 on Steam.

DarkBlood3296d ago

thanks dude it be probably one of my first games to get along with my external hardrive, might even pick up the orange box too probably cheaper getting those games all together then buying them seperately

XsteveJ3296d ago

Definitely pick up the Orange box.

Great game.

PROFIT3296d ago

i wish they would upgrade the source, so it rivals cryteks engine

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