PS3: Sony's Dave Karakker Gamepro Interview

The PlayStation 3 has come under fire recently for its steep price. How is Sony corporate handling the criticism? Is Sony's corporate culture changing? Gamepro posed these timely questions to Dave Karakker, director of Sony Computer Entertainment America's corporate communications.

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MetalProxy4754d ago

Here we go again...the games R coming fella's so calm down.

power of Green 4754d ago

Whats the difference in what this guy's saying vs the others?. The games are coming alright (*_*). All consoles have games comming.

Dread19814754d ago

1. would you take the ps3 if it were free.

2. why...?

i see no reason to make one system look more bad then the other.

i had a 360 (was robed on chrismas eve) and i was very glad of it, but i also like my ps3, there are not that many games for it right now, but i am looking forword to the once that are comming.

ps. i think this guy must realy having alot work on his hands with all the bad pr that sony has gotten since the launche..

power of Green 4754d ago (Edited 4754d ago )

People live to bash MS/360 this guy isn't alone. The day MS does to Sony what Sony did/does to MS; i'll stop purchasng their products. 360/2.5, Spring launch thunder stealing scam etc. etc.) MS's is attacked so offten it makes 360 fans not want to visit game sites and this guy's crying about people saying theres no games and PS3 too exspinsive plus noticing the PS3 isn't what was promised.

No one's going out of thier way to spite the PS3 out of envy or will even bother with bashing PS3/titles: Uncharted, Heavenly Sword and other PS3 hype building success in normal situations. Sony has had it easy, people complain about price and lack of sotware and its realalistic capabilites other than that!; no one's actively seeking to tarnish the PS3 as the Sony fans do with the 360. Media will buzz on whatever being talked about.

#5: The level of prejudice against "both" systems is amazing, People tag the PR filth with the PS3, come on bro, The PS3 is 3X more powerful than the 360, PS3's lauch games would be untouchable durring the 360's entire life span and all the other HD resalution Bullshit, reaching for the Sun jibba jabba.

And the 360 is hated due to the fact it's a threat to the PS legacy.

We'll see if that dude can undo the damage fast enough; no one wants to be lied to it's like a Cars Sales man Saying this and that and selling you a lemon(not saying PS3's a Lemon but that does upset people in simular ways).

(((((Kyur4ThePain ))))) There is no

^^ Then WTF is this guy( Dave Karakker) talking about! then?. Don't make post the links of Sony PR saying what they said not to mention the Sony PR saying the PS3 is so! advanced its launch games could not be acheived on the 360. Did i type that right or do you need to read it again a few times?.

I'v owned two PS3 who gives a fack.

Go play your god dam PS3, will you have fun yes; will it change what this PR guy's facing no!.

Millions waited on the PR promisses of how revolutionary the capabillties the PS3 was going to have over the 360 last Sping and later when it actualy launched on day one and it wasn't as said, that was an attack on MS and this guys crying because people are saying it's too exspensive and has lack of software that the bulk of casual consumer care about.

(((((Kyur4ThePain )))))IF There is no
conspiracy don't reply to me!; post in general.

You bring up defect rate as if that makes up a large percentage of the 360 bashing from Sony fanboys, PR and 1st party devs. Thats moronic at best an is a prime example of what i'm talking about twisting to bash, that child like reasoning is funny to me adding the defect rate.

(((((Kyur4ThePain ))))) There is no
conspiracy. Its best i put your moronic ass on ignor, fools trying tell me to open my eyes when he's so anti MS he sports a anti MS avatar pic. lol

Kyur4ThePain4754d ago

"noticing the PS3 isn't what was promised."
What was promised? A console with more advanced technology than any
other? I think it is just that...

"and other PS3 hype building success"

"as the Sony fans do with the 360"
Uhm, they break. Period. It's your eyes.
Magazines, newspapers, websites, even TV. There is no

"PS3's lauch games would be untouchable durring the 360's entire life span"
Now you're just foaming at the mouth. Are those all things you made
up by yourself?

Once you actually own a PS3 and feel let down, then you can spew forth all that drivel. The rest of us will be having fun with our PS3s.

sonarus4754d ago

The PS3 is exactly what it promised. The most technologically advanced console today. Granted it hasnt delivered but it still has more than enough room to deliver. The amount of negative spin behind the PS3 is amazing. I remember the day i bought the PS3 from eb games. The guy that sold it to me told me so much bull it was amazing. Such as
1. You can't change the hard drive
2. The batteries for the controller arent rechargable
3. Has a very high failure rate
4. And a lot more...
Whats worse is i bought all that crap. I was this close to changing my mind on the whole console until he started convincing me to get an xbox360 which i already had. I was this close to not getting the game. The level of prejudice against this system is amazing i mean this coming from an eb games employee. WOW.

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The story is too old to be commented.