20° Demon's Souls Impressions

Darrin @ says:


Awesome. Really awesome. This is the opposite of mass market accessibility. It's punishing, easily frustrating, humorless, cryptic, hard to figure out, and definitely for a certain niche of gamer. But it's spectacular. I would recommend this to any of the more patient players or RPG buffs out there.


The preview footage left me with the impression of a very drab, empty, simple looking game. This isn't something you would show off to a visitor to quickly dazzle them. However, when you are immersed into playing the game, the art style is absolutely awesome. This is far from generic cookie-cutter fantasy stuff and shows real artistic flair. Various items, monsters, and special scenery have some really wild and evocative designs that help draw you into the game and intensify the dark fantasy experience.

How Frustrating?

As everyone has heard, the game is hard, it punishes you, and you will die a lot. And when you die, the entire level respawns, and you have to find your corpse (actually a blood stain) to reclaim your "souls" which are the game's currency for buying/repairing/upgrading equipment and getting new skills. If you die before getting to your corpse, all your old souls are permanently gone and you will probably get frustrated. However, it's not that bad. You keep all of your inventory and loot as well as anything you bought with your souls across deaths. Secondly, after you play through a section several times, you figure out the tricks and it gets much easier to beat.

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Campy da Camper3476d ago

I just did my first Black Phantom and man when I entered this chap's world my heart was pounding and I was sweatin! That never happens in online anymore!

Anyway, it was on 1-1 and as soon as I spawned I saw him and he turned and started to rush me. I somersalted past him and lost all abilty to think! I couldn't even remember what to do to switch weapons LMAO!

I finally landed a blow or two then got him to chase me up the east tower. Once we rounded the top there were 3-4 NPC and he got swarmed by them! I sat abck and laughed as he struggled to fight them off then as his health was near nil I did the backstab death punch and he collapsed!

I literally cried out in joy. This is the most innovative game of the year. As much as I have been looking at UC2 and AC2 and whatnot, this COULD BE GOTY.

Joining other people's rooms who summon you to see them getting attacked by a BP then jumping in and aiding them and taking out the perp is SO REAWRDING! This is the best online action I have yet to experience. The only reason I am online typing is cause my wrists are soooo sore. Just hit the 20 hour mark and still have TONS to do....

Ravage273475d ago

I can still remember the first time i got 'invaded' by a black phantom, i was screaming f#$% non-stop and running around like a headless was an incredibly tense and heart-pounding moment lol.

You are right man, i can't remember the last time an online game making me feel this way.

rbluetank3475d ago

i was stuck for 6 hrs and i could not beat the phanx boss.... i was ready to give up. i read that a reviewer had finished the game with a temple knight!!! i changed charactersto a temple knight/new game and i beat the first phanx boss on my first try in two hours. i have seen so much new stuff in this game. this game is a sleeper hit. i would advise people to use the temple knight because of it reach verus danger rewards. lol this game is the hardest and most rewarding game i have ever must have for hard core rpg gamers.

Ravage273475d ago

people who gets too discouraged after getting owned repeatedly at the start. The learning curve is steep and i can see some people giving up too early and miss out on a incredibly unique and awesome game experience.

Campy da Camper3475d ago

Not some spray n pray garbage. Real tactics, real thinking. Those that quit after they die a couple times can stick to the games that taylor to them for all I care.

I prefer this old school type of playing and with the online factored in, it makes it the perfect "next-gen" game.

Bubbles to both of ya for appreciating a great game!

RAM MAGNUMS3475d ago

Im playing uncharted 2 and demon souls! I think Demons is the best rpg ive ever played. my character is exactly what i wanted and i have daggers upgraded, a short sword, and a slashing sword and i cant believe how much a$$ he kicks with his combos that i created. demon souls and uncharted to are my game of the year! Equally!

OMG Have you played uncharted 2 yet? Look at how much you can do! This is the best action adventure shooter ever made! its timing and unbelievable animation. Its just... its just... its just to die for!

Im tearing up im so happy!

Blow Out Your Brains3475d ago

Bots are crying in shame right about now. Demon's Souls and Uncharted 2 are two of the best games ever created.