Resistance 3 billboard video proof

Proof that the Resistance 3 billboard is 100% real check it out

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IzKyD13314732d ago

Interesting. Im sure the ad was supposed to appear in the movie, but apparently they put it up prematurely

PirateThom4732d ago

The movie also isn't due out to 2011, but if Insomniac follow their normal late in theyear release, it's going to be an odd advertisment.

mugoldeneagle034732d ago

I think we all knew R3 was going to come eventually, this just adds to the excitement.

But I dont get why we need "proof", this is a billboard that was supposed to appear in a movie, so it's not advertising this at this very moment, just in the movie whenever it releases.

karan86244732d ago

Its likely part of the movie advertising. That makes sense, because before I was wondering why they would be putting up billboards years before the release

Arthur_4732d ago

R1 & R2 are good games. It only makes sense to milk the franchise, its what Sony and PS3 Devs do best :)

I dont know why they used an actual billboard and then decided to take it down. If they wanted secrecy, they should have just added it in digitally, in post-pro when they were done filming.

N4G king4732d ago

i knew it was not photoshop
it looked so real

any way
R3 in killzone2 engine
Insomniac .... DO IT

Isaac4732d ago

I hope that 3 is the best in the series and that they correct the mistakes of the past resistance. I loved the first, the second eliminated what made the first great (the weapon wheel) and they botched the storyline, though the graphics are awesome.

ape0074732d ago

I wanna see R3 so bad

just listen to this tone...RESISTANCE 3 how BADASS IS THAT??

menoyou4732d ago

Gayest video ever. All that hip hop nonsense and cheesy graphics and shoutouts just for 2 seconds of footage? Submitter needs to get over himself.

Lifendz4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

and you can have all my free time.

Oh yeah, I like that whole thing Uncharted 2 did where you're rewarded for beating Uncharted 1. It'd be nice if Insomniac rewarded people that got the plat in R2.

Edit: Anyone else find it weird that so many people don't know when to use there, their, and they're?

RememberThe3574732d ago

Hey, that can be tricky some times! They all sound the same.

Whoever came up with those three is a real douche.

Sarcasm4732d ago

I don't get it, it just looks like half of the billboard was up. And who's not to say it's for Resistance 2?

kws10654732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

and from the normal rate of Insomniac games, R3 will come out Fall 2010.

However, since the billboard in the movie is definitely for the game Ads, R3 is now due early 2011 which means Insomniac games will spend about 50% more time to develop R3. And this implies that R3 will become more epic than what I would expect within 1 year development cycle!

Jonoc334732d ago

pretty sure Microsoft and Bungie have milked the Halo series about 10x more than anything Sony and PS3 devs have ever had.

Xbox Avatars Shoe4732d ago

IMO Insomniac is the best developer. They come out with 1 AAA full next-gen title each and every year! R: FoM, R&CF:ToD, R2, R&CF: ACiT and next year probably R3!

Sure Bungie made the massively popular Halo but that only comes out every 3 years. Halo 1: 2001, Halo 2: 2004, Halo 3: 2007 and Halo Reach: 2010. Don't try to tell me ODST's 4 hour campaign and overrated firefight qualifies it as a "full" title. I bought ODST, got all 1,000 GS and was completely sick of it after a week and a half so I traded it in and bought R: FoM again :)

Xgamerzus4731d ago

now im thinking about Resistance 3 and the new optimized Engine!!
Im now wondering about how glorious the new R3 will look and perform and how much Bluray storage it will take up and the size of the boss battles 2 player co-op?? or???
Will it be the next graphics masterpiece on the PS3??
why did you guys have to mentions this game I want it now!!!!AWWWWWWW!!!!!

Marquis_de_Sade4731d ago

Xbox Avatars Shoe, if I was to be really fussy, I would argue that Insomniac haven't actually made a "AAA" game this generation (As in over 90 meta score). However it doesn't really bother me as I enjoyed playing through Resistance 2 and R&C ToD.

Lifendz4731d ago

but I don't factor in reviews from pubs/sites like Edge. R2 wasn't regarded as highly by some as it was in other places, but it got AAA from some really reputable sites and that's all that matters to me.

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LordMarius4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

So it is real
Resistance 3 confirmed
Sony cant keep a secret ;)

WildArmed4732d ago

Sony is trying not to disappoint its fan so it throws a few leaks here and there.

btw, what the fuk is up with that video.. instead of having all that crap they could have just left the video

TheDeadMetalhead4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

Like there was any doubt that R3 would be made.

rajman4732d ago

They took it off...but some if it still remains o_0

Kouppa4732d ago

They wasn't finished taking it down yet when I was recording

Arthur_4732d ago

I said I never cheat on my money,
Its funny how hoes dont believe me....

Erotic Sheep4732d ago

Why are we all acting surprised? We knew it was coming, even Insomniac confirmed Resistance would be a trilogy. Yay proof its coming, great but we still gotta wait a full year.. which we kinda already knew o_O

BaSeBaLlKiD7214732d ago

well the ending of R2 basically confirmed R3...

Darkstorn4732d ago

Gah, I didn't finish R2. My data was corrupted :(
I got as far as the canyon level though.

saint_john_paul_ii4732d ago

Insomniac Games has 2 studios now, right? i guess we might even see two games from them next year. one of them could be Resistance 3.

TheDeadMetalhead4732d ago (Edited 4732d ago )

@Darkstorn - Log off N4G right now, get on PS3, play R2, and don't stop until you finish it. Do it! D:<

...please? ;_;

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