No, Windows 7 isn't slower than Vista, even at booting up

The manufacturer of a Windows maintenance toolkit featured on our Fileforum told CNET's Ina Fried last week that it believes boot times for Windows 7 are typically slower than boot times for Windows Vista. Iolo Technologies told Fried that it gauged the amount of time required for the CPU to reach a "true idle state."
As many veteran Windows users already know, the operating system doesn't actually boot to an "idle state" -- it's not DOS. Since that time, Iolo has been characterizing the time it stops its stopwatch as the time that the CPU is "fully usable," which seems rather nebulous.

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hitthegspot3293d ago

I wonder if MS will take action against Iolo.

Nihilism3293d ago

it's one thing to hate on microsoft for telling people that vista will run on a new 'vista ready' pc and it won't, but to make s#!+ up is wrong

Major_Tom3293d ago

Yeah the 'VISTA Certified" crap got them in some legal complications. Anyway, there's enough research done out there to make your own informed decision about the performance of Xp vs. Vista vs. 7.

arsenal553293d ago

windows 7 is faster for EVERYTHING for me then vista..

windows 7 is my favorite OS EVARRR.

Man_of_the_year3293d ago

I agree. It is just amazing. Best OS EVER!!!

Ron_Burgundy3293d ago

"hugs Mac running on Snow Leopard, stares at PC across the room"

Isaac3293d ago

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Poor Xbots^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


MerkinMax3293d ago

Why are you so negative towards everything MS. I have Leopard too but damn, you are constantly bashing Windows and Xbox 360. Why do you feel the need to do this if you have no intent of buying or using them?

Bereaver3292d ago

What is there to love MS for? What is there to hate MS for?

lol, it seems the scale is heavily shifted on one side.

You decide which side.

ambientFLIER3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Because it's a joke account, just like 99% of all the ps3 ones, just to get a rise out of fanboys. He's probably typing it on his windows xp, while Halo 3 is on pause. In fact, I'm sure that only a handful of people are responsible for the majority of the troll accounts on here.

Nihilism3292d ago

if you read his comments you'd see that it's his everyday account and that the fanboy persona is indeed legitimate

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KionicWarlord2223293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

Anyone who used the beta would know this .

darkequitus3293d ago

Using RC now. Vista is not even in the same ball park. This is not XP. You don't have to wait until cpu usage = 0% before the system become responsive.

saint_john_paul_ii3293d ago

im pretty sure its fast. I used the Evaluation Copy a few months ago and it was faster, smoother, and 100x stable than vista. almost on par with XP. all it takes is a service pack to fix some of the bugs.

its a great OS.

Kushan3293d ago

What bugs? That "evaluation copy" was a release candidate, not the final software. You were about 500 builds short of the final thing. Try the RTM and you'll see it doesn't even need a service pack.

sukru3292d ago

Ok, kidding, but except for the visual parts, the inside feels like what Vista SP2 should have been:

* Faster boot times
* Fixing the new audio system, by allowing multiple audio outputs
* Better software compatibility
* Better hardware drivers (=more stability)
* DirectX 10.1 based GUI (=faster, more responsive)
* More TV tuner support
* at lots of small, but useful, fixes all over the system

I love Windows 7, and made many friends switch to it (some from Linux), but I wished they had spent enough time on Vista, and did not require us to upgrade.

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