Gamer: What is WWE Smackdown vs. Raw?

Gamer writes: "Hulk Hogan, We just know. The Punisher Perhaps even a bell to some. But also enjoy wrestling not exactly a large following in the Netherlands. And that is unfortunate, because the sport provides a very entertaining games pile up, with this month to get WWE Smackdown Vs. Raw 2010 as the most recent example. Such a view into the development and progression of the three main brands in the industry: Raw, SmackDown and ECW."

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GR8 13295d ago

They ruined SvR 2010, the only good wrestling game they did was SvR 2007. Now they're slow and too real, they should make them more arcade.

Relientk773295d ago

It's a video game series

Dellis3295d ago

Its a milked cow that at this point is a walking bones cow

xGet_In_There3295d ago

Agreed, I remember playing wrestling games for N64 and they were tons more fun than this sh*t they have now.