The Biggest eBay PlayStation Auction Ever

When you're talking about a PlayStation eBay auction that is priced at $30,000 it had better be the biggest PlayStation auction ever. With some 1,500 PlayStation games, including Greatest Hits and longbox variant duplicates, as well as dozens of pieces of multi-region hardware, rare limited edition versions, promotional materials and dev kits, it lives up to its titular claim.

To begin listing here what the PlayStation Museum liquidation auction contains would be futile, so you'll have to click through for the insane (and incomplete) list. The above photo is merely a tiny fraction of what's included. Anyone with thirty-large in cash burning a hole in his or her pocket, desperate for a copy of the Metal Gear Solid Misprint and Barbie Explorer should take a peek.

One more important information: shipping was FREE!

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TrenchaunT4585d ago

I seriously hope no one is stupid enough to buy that. Of all the things to waste your money on, $30,000 of hardware and software you'll never use is a pretty ridiculous one. If I had $30k, I'd buy something useful, not collectors' items

ITR4585d ago

That's a drop in the bucket for a serious collector.

Though $30k would only get you about half of the collection of orig SW carded figures.

gta_cb4585d ago

i agree that i would spend the money on something more... better, but i dont think this is a waste, in years and YEARS into the future they will prob be worth EVEN more!

ITR4585d ago

He or She collected alot.

This kinda looks like my Anime and Movie collection at home...well the size of it anyways.

I didn't know folks collected PS binders and such. I use to give that stuff away.

I recently gave away some GOW2 demo discs that came in a big collectors boxes.

I have a weird Target/Nintendo exclusive fullsize Gameboy Advance SP was from 2004 but no ones got any info on it.

Marcello4585d ago

This is complete maddness, it would be impossible to find the time to play with it all, it would probarly take a month just to check it all !! i think he seriously got carried away with his addiction.

Marceles4585d ago

now THATS a true fanboy :) lol @ barbie explorer..

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The story is too old to be commented.