Blu-ray launch delayed in Europe

HD-DVD may have a slight edge in the format battle for next-generation DVD players, with the Blu-ray camp saying they're not yet ready for Europe. The on-again, off-again story of advanced optical-disc recording will keep consumers on tenterhooks yet again this autumn, with manufacturers in the Blu-ray camp still not ready to introduce their movie-players to the huge European market.

Pioneer, one of the stalwarts of the Blu-ray camp, admitted this week it would not be ready to launch the players by the time of the Sept. 1 to Sept. 6 trade fair IFA in Berlin, the principal European consumer electronics show.

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Cyclonus6555d ago

I wonder when we'll hear: "PS3 Launch Delayed Worldwide"

Blu-Ray is having problems across the board...the PS3 has a Blu-Ray drive in the math.

G_CodeMonkey6555d ago

Sony has bitten it so hard with their missteps that they will not delay past the Nov date, unless they have too many bugs. They will NOT miss the Christmas/holiday season. Only if their only option was to ship bricks would they delay it, even if they lose face with their own "red ring of death". gCM

TheXgamerLive6555d ago

As we all still well know, the ps3 is ridden with problems still 2 being the cell isnt a game processor and still is giving terrible yields and most importantly combined with the rsx it's just bottlenecking on most every game that's being played, that's why still today we dont see "ANY" games being played or demo'd "ANYWHERE" for the supposedly soon to be released ps3. It's either on a PC or an (XBOX 360) or is just CGI so until they can play games on it w/o the bottlenecking there wont be a system release. I still will mention last march's fiasco with sony/konami playing MGS4 on an actual and I repeat hand picked ps3 dev. and it bottlenecked every few frames and the guy did nothing but appologize for it and made excusses for it. That video has since disappeared I believe and what a surprise. If anyone still see's it's available to watch please put up a link to it. It was great to see, lol.

Assassins creed on XBOX 360 and PC only for it's release. ps3 still cant handle it.

kingboy6555d ago

Even if its not delayed only the ps3 can give it life end of story ..c u on november

ACE6555d ago

shame ps3 will have a waterd down beta ray in it dont get ur hopes up mate cos its gona be the disapointment of the decade :)

COVER GIRL6555d ago

I wonder if we will ever know the real mess Sony and friends are in right now on the inside, they must be running around like chickens with their heads cut off.

TheMART6555d ago

How is it possible that this would be out in Japan already for 3 years? I read that somewhere.

Anyhow, visuals on HD-DVD are better and that format also just included 1080p.

So no need to wait for BetaBluRay. HD-DVD stand alone is 500 dollars/euro's, BetaBR twice as much... OMG

ANd the HD-DVD add on I think is going to launch for 100 or max 150 dollars/euro's. Just to kick Sony extra hard with the PSZero

DG6555d ago (Edited 6555d ago )

World hunger and our green gas emittions will forever long as we can harvest the negative energy coming out of The Mart's mouth or keyboard.



actually you would do better trying to capture the overwhelmingly negative energy coming from the PS3!

joemutt6555d ago

Just tell us when its ready. In my line of work, I never tell a customer a certain time or date, I know something could come up and I would look bad. I tell them it will be ready when its ready.

These big companies should learn from the ethics of the real "hardworking" man.