Top 5: most tired debates in gaming

Stevie Lim....We gamers are by our very nature, an argumentative bunch. Over-informed and highly opinionated, we love to mercilessly hammer our opinion home. Those who disagree must be humiliated and destroyed.

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Darkstorn3296d ago

You need to Google Image search some Dali. Now THAT'S art.

xabmol3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

That is art.

What are you TRYING to say?

TheSadTruth3296d ago

PC is the best console: FACT

Except on this site, where the PS3 is the reincarnation of Jesus.

foxtheory3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Your comment makes the last one that much more true, if it wasn't true enough already.

Rofflecopter3296d ago

While I love PC gaming, I think consoles are great for the ease. No hardware upgrades, no installs (for the most part).. Just pop in the disc and go! I think that's why so many people love it more than PC..

bjornbear3296d ago

Its a multi-purpose device...that just happens to play game but it does a lot more.

"My console is better than yours

The answer: Shut up"

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Anemeros3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Remember the good 'ol days when we were playing Mario and Tetris? When we were all begging our parents for quarters so that we could spend some quality time in the arcade? Or fighting over our turn with Uncle Joe's Atari in the living room floor? No one cared about brands then. The word "exclusive" meant nothing to us. All that mattered was weather or not we had fun. We would play any game on any platform because we simply... enjoyed it.

But today, with gaming the expensive and time-consuming hobby that it is, the vast majority of gamers throughout the world are forced to make one descision: Computer, Nintendo, Playstation or Xbox. Each one is the best. Each other is not. We are all elitists; justifying our choice to ease the pain of being limited.

What is good and not good is defined by all of us each time we play; not by numbers, scores or opinions. Like all humans, we must make a connection. To what do we connect with? Any one or any thing? No, we follow the path of least resistance and ally ourselves with like-minded, or like-situationed individuals. The bond strengthens and our confidence grows, and blindly we rise to defeat our enemies and claim victory for what we ourselves associate with. Not because it's right, but because it's comfortable.

Don't forget: You're a gamer, not a soldier. There is no cause to fight for when it comes to entertainment. There are no enemies. Don't let companies and other money-making entities dictate what you enjoy. Enjoy whatever you want to enjoy; and even if you can't, stop trying to stop other people from enjoying it!

Marceles3296d ago

Back then it was alot easier for people to choose by themselves or word of mouth too, not a bunch of articles giving top 10 reasons why a certain console shouldn't be bought. Or articles saying "don't buy this console, here's something better you can buy: 10 toasters". It's like everyone went from which console they like themselves, to what author of an article to trust to tell them which console is good or not good.

Darkstorn3296d ago

Agree completely. These corporations just want to see us at each other's throats so they can sell more consoles. Unfortunately, it makes the stigma attached to gaming even greater.

Bodyboarder_VGamer3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

ha! How old are you? Because I still remember the Nintendo vs Sega debate, it was even worse than the Sony vs Microsoft. In fact, that same constant discussion was what killed Sega. No matter what Sega tried everything was fail... People just chose Nintendo because of the better image and all that while the Sega fanboys tried everything in their power to convince as much people as they could about why Sonic was so much better than Mario.

Sega does what Nintendon't.

Now go with your argument about "fairness" somewhere else because you obviously were too young to even understand what the fanboys of those times were talking about. Fanboys exist everywhere for everything. Fanboyism is not about making your brand of choice richer but who had the truer opinion. This is a battle about what I think against what you think. But if you were just a kid back in the day then it was natural that you did not care about this debate... Sometimes, ignorance is a bliss.

Me: I think that Jamie O'Brien is the best surfer.

The other guy: Nop, it is Kelly Slater!

Me: But Jamie O'Brien has the sickest style!

The other guy: Kelly has more experience in bigger waves.


Now change that into gaming:

Me: The PS3's the best

The other guy: The Xbox has more games

Me: The PS3 has more exclusive with better graphic quality

The other guy: The multiplats look better on the Xbox so it is more powerful than the PS3

Me: But the Xclusives look better than any multiplat game


Are you seeing the pattern? Because it is the same for everything. If you think that there was a time when video game fanboyism didn't exist the you're just crazy or too ignorant.

Anemeros3296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

First off, I don't know how old you think I am, but I've been gaming for 20 years and that seems like plenty of experience to me.

You completely missed my point. Of course I am and was aware of fanboyism. The point was that, while videogames themselves have evolved, the industry and its consumers have gone in the opposite direction.

That opposite direction is evident in people like you. What you view as "the truer opinion" is a comfortable illusion, like that ignorant bliss you mentioned. You put your weight behind something intangible, like your own opinions, and are arrogant enough to assume that it's as black and white as you want it to be... No, you aren't right, and then again, you are, because you've already tricked yourself into believing that you are.

You're part of the problem.

wanderofys3296d ago

There was a time when it wasn't as prevalent.

When I was gaming back in the SNES vs. Genesis years, I had an SNES. A few of my friends had the Genesis. Know what we did? We went to each others house and played them both. He had fun playing Mario Kart with me and I had fun playing some Comix Zone. We never talked about which one was better, it didn't seem to matter. Video games in general just didn't seem as important as people make them out to be now. We played games because they were fun, not out of brand loyalty, better graphics, or "this one has this and that one does not". Sure, people like that did exist, but the gamer I was then barely exists now. Back then we were the majority.

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RememberThe3573296d ago (Edited 3296d ago )

Goku might kick his ass.

gintoki7773296d ago

yes goku always wins lol

Xi3296d ago

hell, most of the villains from dbz are based off of doomsday.

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