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MEGamers: "There were only a few occasional times where the game played up a bit, either stuttering during a cutscene or not properly aligning the camera, but these are mere blemishes on what is otherwise a must-play game. The side missions may give you extra points, but they don't always offer much originality, so you can give them a skip if you like. But that aside, Brutal Legends is just too good a game to not get a great reception from gamers. The combination of adventure, RTS, and guitar ripping solos make this an absolute must buy when it comes out."

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Troll_Police3291d ago

10 for graphics?! Are you kidding me?

xabmol3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

I think, maybe, they meant it as a 10 for art direction and not as a graphical powerhouse. Because the game looks frikin epic and the scenery is to die for, but yeah... it's no Uncharted.