Palm PS2: A complete PS2 in your palm

If you don't like the Sony PSP control ergonomics and the lack of a analogic stick and shoulder buttons?

Go to the PalmPS2 page to see a better way to carry all your PS2 games with you!

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marison4582d ago

to do not tell it/him...

Also, do not maintain both in the same room. PalmPS2 is much heavier and bigger. He will kick the PSP butt hard ;-)

sonarus4582d ago

wat a beast. Am waiting for the official sony 1 though. :)

mcintosh2334582d ago

nice attempt but could have modernised the styling abit i think, looks abit like a game gear

Robotz Rule4582d ago

Maybe Sony should have released the PalmPS2 instead of the PSP.


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The story is too old to be commented.