PSi: MAG Preview - Putting the Massive Multiplayer in Online FPS

PSi writes: "To say that online multiplayer FPS games are quite the rage at the moment would be an understatement. Nearly every game that falls within the genre of FPS ships with some version of an online component. To not do so usually means that, regardless of how good the single-player portion of the game may be, critics and players are going to pan the product because of this shortcoming. Games such as Rainbow Six: Vegas, Gears of War and the Call of Duty series are immensely popular among players. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is still one of the most played games online, even two years after its release. Some games, such as Counter-Strike and Tribes, don't even bother with a single-player campaign, focusing instead upon the multiplayer mayhem of team Deathmatch (and other variations) of online FPS. Following this line of thought, Zipper Interactive is set to release Massive Action Game, commonly referred to as MAG, in January, 2010."

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Karlnag33294d ago

This said "open beta"... please tell me I didn't miss out on it and that they meant to say closed beta.

Nitrowolf23294d ago

I think, the open beta is the 15th of this month. Im not sure, i could be mistaking for something else