WalMart pushes developers one step closer to digital download distribution models.

Walmart recently joined other mass retailers such as Best Buy by adding used video games to their store shelves. The demand for pre-owned games is on the rise as price conscious gamers grow more aware that they can save a few dollars by waiting for early adopters to cash in on their completed recent release titles.

Daniel Awadalla, the editor of Digital Download Game World, a blog dedicated to the Digital Download Industry, took special notice of this and discusses the possible repercussions that this strategy may have on the overall retail industry which is already threatened by digital download distribution models.

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NotSoSilentBob3291d ago

This guy talks about the pros of Digital download but doesn't mention any cons like.

If games go to full DD then the internet will slow down as everyone has to download 9-50 gigs of data at a time to play a game.

You have to actually have a fast internet connection to get the game at any speed. I have a 5mb connection and I pay 100$ a month for it and I am located between Milwaukee Wi and Chicago Il.

If I get done with the game eventually I will want to get another game and soon enough I am out of space and have to delete an old game? Whats that they put out a new patch for that first game you downloaded now I have to delete something else and THEN download that game again, and then the patch/content. I'd rather drop a disc in and be able to play 5-10mins later.

If I get tired of a game and want to get another one I am stuck having that old game that I aint gonna play anymore, why should I be stuck with it when I could trade it in for another game.

As I have said before, if Devs want people to pay for their games they need to make them worth it. They need to price the game for the public not their pocket book. They need to work with the community and not just shove a new game out the door every year with a little rehashing.

Digital Download is a dream for Devs but would be a NIGHTMARE for the General Public.

BabyStomper50003290d ago

Plus you can't borrow/let someone else borrow the game. DD is nice for smaller titles but it's nice to have an instruction manual and a case.