Opinion: Sony's silence concerning PSPgo sales data speaks volumes

From Gamertell's the opinion piece:

"The PSPgo debuted October 1, 2009. It's been out for two weeks and Sony has yet to start gloating about the system's sales. There were no first two- or three-day sales figures reported. Sony hasn't even released first-week sales figures. This leaves consumers to wonder whether or not the PSPgo is really doing all that well."

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lloyd_wonder3295d ago

Ah! The uncanny curiosity!

Anon19743295d ago

When has Sony ever released one, two or three week sales data? That simply doesn't happen.

Sony has commented, however, that PSPGo sales were in line with their expectations.

Another game site trying to create a story where there isn't one at Sony's expense.

Bobby Kotex3295d ago

you're right, when the ps3 slim sold 80 zillion in the first week, sony just sat quiet.

Anon19743294d ago (Edited 3294d ago )

Even with Slim sales, Sony made a comment about being pleased that they'd moved over a million that first month, but they never really gave any specifics so why would we expect that now?

Quite unlike the Nintendo, who gave us a nearly day by day play by play when the DSI released of exactly how many it sold.

Sony doesn't provide weekly sales figures so the lack of it here isn't surprising.

Lookbehind3295d ago

Everyone knows opinions are like a$$holes everyone has one,in most cases.

iceman063295d ago

you forgot the last part of that....Every one has one and they are usually full of sh!t!!!*LOL*

RememberThe3573295d ago

Why the hell would someone pick one up now when they can wait for a price drop?

I doubt the PSP Go is moving any significant numbers. Sony should have known better...

iceman063295d ago

You can say that about EVERY console that has been released in the last 10-15 years. Why pick one up??? Because you can afford it!?!? Early adopters are always part of the console business model. It's usually a way to test the market and see if the price point is feasible or if it might need adjusting. You really think that the Iphone, Ipod touch generation blinks at dropping $250 for something that they want??? I have seen kids in my local game store who have PSP-1000, 2000, 3000, plus each version of DS that STILL are getting a PSPgo! Crazy...but very true!!!

RememberThe3573295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

The PSP Go only offers a sliding screen, internal memory, and bluetooth. The function of the product is still the same. excluding bluetooth, the PSP Go brings nothing new the the platform.

I'm not saying the PSP Go isn't cool, it's what the PSP should have been all along. But, the price is too high for what your getting compared to what you could get with a regular PSP.

I think that if it would have launched at $199 it would have done better. A lot better.

Everyone I know who's seen it lovers it. Then they hear how much it costs and they're interest is squashed.

Ven10003295d ago

The PSP Go IS an upgrade to the 3000. I've had the 1000, then 2000 then got the Go.

First off the size alone is a huge feature and upgrade. It's called PlaystationPortable for a reason. Now it truly IS portable (slightly bigger than a IPod Touch.

Going along with this new size is making it all digital, which again does wonders for a PORTABLE system. Not having to worry about carry games around with you is great. 16GB is a ton of space and it can be upgraded to 32GB (which is what I did). I not only put my games on there, but my music too (I don't own an Ipod since I use my PSP for music).

The buttons and joystick are positioned much better and feel WAY better than they did on my 2000 (and the 2000 was a big step up from the 1000 in this department).

Bluetooth. This right here adds a ton of features. I can sync up PS3 controllers, or to computers. I can sync it up to a SmartPhone to I can access the 3G/4G network (internet ANYWHERE??? anyone listening?). I bought a set of Sony DR-BT101 bluetooth headphones and I can control all my music from the headphones while my PSP sits comfortably in my pocket.

Lastly, lets not forget the Pause Game feature with is a Go exclusive. The fact that I can save any game in any state and come back to the game at the exact moment is great. With a portable system there will be times you'll just want to end a game quickly and this fits the bill. Afterwards I can listen to music, hit up the browser, do skype or whatever and come back to the game whether its mid-combo in a fighting game or mid-corner in Gran Turismo.

dragunrising3294d ago

I used to have a PSP 2000 and sold it a while ago...I disliked carrying around UMD's wherever I went. The PSP Go appeals to me as it solves this problem.

Expensive? It depends on the person. There are millions of people that didn't think the PS3 was expensive when it first came out. Perspective.

I love my PSP Go. Its portable, doesn't look like a child's toy, has Bluetooth, and no physical media. I'm not saying that the PSP Go appeals to everyone, but everyone seems to think its a disaster. Its not. If anything it will bring about increased sales in digital distribution and dispel the stigma of not owning a physical copy.

Ju3294d ago

PSP3000 + 16GB = $270. I say it again (and if you are lucky, you can get it for $250).

You will realize this the first time you get your 32MB (!) PSP3000 and try to download a game from PSN. The next step would be run to the next store and get 4GB for (if cheap) $35. Right there you hit the $200 mark. Some people would have yelled "gimped" right now. And that's what it is. So, by spending almost the same amount you still don't get the additional features (Bluetooth! For the headset alone this rocks - no cables in the plane!) or the size advantage. It's well worth it.

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SoapShoes3295d ago

They obviously haven't been paying attention to Sony. Sony has said the PSP Go is performing to what they expected, they said the PSP has increased 300% since the Go's launch. What more do you want?!

Making assumptions because you can't handle the fact that something you don't like is not doing poorly is just bad journalism. Not that I expected more from a no-name website.

The real killer3295d ago

Those guys have something to do..............right ?
And yes, this article is failing hard.

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