GameObserver Review: Need for Speed: Shift

Shift acknowledges that some people are just not interested in tuning the tightness of their shocks or the wind-resistance of their windshield wipers. Shift also acknowledges that some people just simply do not want to sit through hours of tutorials and harsh-rating "driving schools" in the name of becoming that kind of racing aficionado that hangs posters of Porshe after Porshe after Porshe in their room, knowing full well that they will never actually afford a Porshe. A trial race at the game's start allows players to course through a track at their leisure, and the game uses that to judge their aptitude. From there, the game suggests a difficulty (Easy for me), a transmission (Automatic), the level of control the player can have over the car's advanced settings (none) and whether or not to automate some of the breaking (very much so, yes.) So right away, without ever giving me a tutorial on how to press a gas pedal, the game gives me the degree of control that I'd prefer to have in a racing game.

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