Gaming Nexus: Madden NFL 10 Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "1989: The Simpsons' first season, Sega Genesis gets released, the Berlin Wall fell. It was also the first year of football games with Madden's name on them. Yes, Madden NFL 10 marks the twenty first entry in the video game franchise. Electronic A pumps out sports games with such regularity that it could mark the change in seasons just as surely as the leaves changing. This leads to one of two feelings toward the games: eager fan-boy anticipation for the next release or passive aggressive "why-should-I-buy-the-new-one" credulity.

Even though the die-hard fans already have Madden NFL 10, many others are still wondering what to expect. Do the hyped features make it worth your hard earned money? Let's kick off this review by starting with the first thing you'll notice when loading the game."

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