Uncharted 2 is a system seller for PlayStation 3

Things are finally looking up for the PlayStation 3.

Hardware sales have jumped 300 percent following a price cut to $300 for the PlayStation 3. And now just in time for the big fall holiday push, Sony is able to tout the best game ever on the PS3 platform.

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WildArmed3479d ago

'Sony is able to tout the best game ever on the PS3 platform.'
Well thats not really big big deal as one of the most highly acclaimed games to date.

Beast_Master3479d ago

can't wait till tommorrow, I am tired of fiddling with the beta, give me my crack!

randomwiz3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Im waiting until the winners of the giveaway are announced on October 19 to see if I get the fortune hunters edition, then buying it

presto7173479d ago

But the ps3 has been getting other kick ass games. Some of my friends and I all love demons souls, they will be getting ps3's so we can do co-op and pvp. Thats 3 more consoles sold right there.

darthv723479d ago

it all comes down to advertising. If sony wants to sell systems then they need to get those ads on tv. It doesnt hurt that UC2 is a kick azz game too.

Bring on the marketing muscle sony!

BulletToothtony3479d ago

the first game that was worth buying a ps3 for was RFoM i bought a ps3 for that game and it has been an excellent choice since december 2006..

Arnon3479d ago

God I want this game so bad... Gonna pick it up tomorrow from Toys R Us for that buy 2 get 1 free deal. It looks unreal.

I do however, need to state, that this has been said about every game to date for the PS3, and the only one that has really been a system seller, has been MGS4. Please do not get me wrong on this, because I am so stoked for this game. I've been playing Demon's Souls and it's by far better than everything this year. Seriously, the PS3 line up this year just... destroys. With all this being said, I really don't want to hype Uncharted 2 more than it already is, and blow things out of proportion, stating things like "This game is going to sell 2 million day one and sell a good 500k units of the PS3 on the first day." I mean, it's almost a fact that PS3 games do better over lifetime sales, rather than spike sales.

(sales don't make a good game)

HammockGames3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Damn straight.

To anyone who doesn't own a PS3, what are you waiting for?

Edit: @1.5 R:FoM was the reason I bought a PS3 as well, so I agree that game was a system seller (definitely was for early adopters)

jmare3479d ago

The winners will be notified on the 15th. They will be announced for everyone to see on the 19th. Also, why wait? If you win it you can always sell it to someone else or trade it in, and if you don't you haven't waited to play a fvcking awesome game.

Sarcasm3478d ago

"If this doesn't move hardware, nothing will."

Ughhh... This person is ignorant of "Gran Turismo" which is the real system seller for any Playstation platform.

badz1493478d ago

and that was 2008! I'm not hyping Uncharted 2 to the sky but I'm convinced that it's a great game and I'm buying 1! my friends are excited about it too and that will be another 3 copies sold over there too! system seller? no comment! just let the game speaks for itself! but Naughty Dog FTW nonetheless!

JL3478d ago (Edited 3478d ago )

Exactly right. This game won't even compare to the magnitude that GT will sell systems. Or even how FF will sell systems. To be honest, I think UC2 will help to sell a few systems, but I think those that really really want the game, want it because they've played the first one (thus already have a ps3).

By the way, I'm not trying to downplay UC2. I think it will be GOTY, and it will probably trump Drake's Fortune to be my new favorite game of this generation (making my top 3 be UC2, UC:DF, and VC). I just don't really think sequels are exactly system sellers. By that I mean sequels in a franchise that has already made an appearance in this generation (obviously GT and FF are sequels, but neither have made a real appearance this gen yet). The real "system seller" right now (and for some time still) will be the price drop they had. UC2 (along with various other games) will just be icing on the cake, to sort of sweeten the deal when people go for that price cut.

At the end though I don't care if this is a system seller or not. I can not wait until tomorrow though to pick up this game. I'll be cracking out on it for a while.

CrazedFiend3478d ago

H3ll yeah!

As in...I'm sellin' my 360 to buy this game!

somerandomdude3478d ago

and it begins!!
who's played U2 yet?

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renegade3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

It will help the sistem sales.

JustinSaneV23479d ago

It won't help your elementary school=level spelling.

SupaPlaya3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

don't know why but it sounds funny. I guess it's like someone speaking it with an accent.

^^ to above, not everyone has English as their first language and not everyone spell check their internet posts with a graduate level thesis accuracy.

Besides, what is the purpose of writing? It's a form of communication. I see nothing wrong with his post in that regards as his message is well understood.

To below
Should it be graduate-level then?? :P

Anorexorcist3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Who are you to talk?

"elementary school=level spelling."

Ever heard of a hyphen there, little buddy? Yeah that is what goes between "school" and "level"

Or am I wrong? Did all my math teachers really mean to say to me: 10 times 20 hyphens 200.

GamerMan3479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Anorexorcist actually that would be 10 times 20 equals 200. hyphen is the minus symbol "-". 10 x 20 = 200

Anyways couldn't help but laugh at how many times people corrected but got something wrong themselves.. Thanks for the laughs.. :)

Edit: On cue with the article though I do believe that this will sell systems but I think the other games will help justify as no 1 game is worth $300 system to play it although I'm sure there are opinions that would differ from mine.

Death3479d ago

I believe the correct phrase is "elementary level spelling". Here be the rules on hyphens:


JustinSaneV23478d ago

Apparently no one else shares my sense of humor.

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bunbun7773479d ago

oh ye Bots,

for the day of judgement of righteous gaming is at hand,

well ye be ready?

Tis not too late bots,

Repent! Taketh your 3 fix Me's and toss them over yonder,

do not look back or ye too may suffer the 3 rings o' death redly,

Come to the promised land of gaming,

where the halls of heroes are filled with such laudy names as:

Snake, Kratos, Drake, and ye olde Sackboye.

It is not too late! For if you do not make your choice, you will be left in gaming darkness, where there will bitterness aplenty, where the fanboy dies not and the NPD sales reign supreme.

Come to the light, come play beyond fellow gamers!

deadreckoning6663479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Dude...360 ONLY owners DON'T CARE. Most of my friends who own only a 360, don't even know what Uncharted 2 is LOL. Im not talking anything away from the masterpiece that is Uncharted 2, but I guarantee you that 360 only owners won't lose any sleep over it when there playing Modern Warfare 2 and Gay Tony. It's only a VI-DEO-GAME, remember that, and ull save urself embarrassment in the future.

Guitarded3479d ago

I'm so shocked that you thought that was worthwhile enough to spend the time and energy to post that I can't think of a reply except to say the PS3 is STILL not worth $300. No weeping or despairing here only pointing and laughing.

bunbun7773479d ago (Edited 3479d ago )

Shocked?! cmon how long you been around here-- its all in good fun mon frair-

And while a lot of things can be considered a waste of time, the 3 minutes required to post that (like this) is well, it's ok.

Not worth 300? cmon. I'll do you one better and say you are going to spend about 400-500, after Uncharted or some bad ass cables. But even then, if you only play Uncharted for say 10 hours on campaign, and say...another 10-15 hours multiplayer, well thats 25 hours at 20.00 bones an hour. Guess what though, keep playing games and the value goes up up up. Not worth it?

Your opinion sir, stands.

bunbun7773479d ago

So your point is that 360 fans dont even know about Uncharted? And that me saying things to people at N4g (a place people go to read about veh-dee-o games)
is pointless? Man you logically screwed yourself.

If a bot doesnt know its a bot, is it still a bot?

I don't care about the 360 veh-deeee-ohhh game players that like to have FUN, I care about the butthurt bot fans that torture themselves and flail.

It's my mission, not to get everyone to a Ps3, but to make BOt's lives and all the Droids lives more interesting. If regular players find solace or humor in this, awesome....if they dont ---what are you doing here?

Its the open zone!

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