College News reviews: Champions Online

"Champions Online certainly has its flaws both in terms of actual playability and in comparison to other MMORPGs, but at the same time, it still brings enough brand new elements to the table that will draw in a lot of gamers out there who probably have never played. The PvP could use some work and the end game content needs fleshing out, but those kind of issues plague every MMORPG during their first six months.

Champions Online may not do a whole lot to change the way we play MMORPGs, but it' gameplay is still very solid and a lot of fun to play. Plus, it allows you to create your own superhero, and there's very few things cooler than that.

Champions Online may not come out of the gates ready to topple established MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, but with enough time, it definitely has the tools to become a serious competitor in the future."

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