El33tonline Review: Trine (PS3)

El33tonline writes:

"Trine offers pure escapism transporting you into a beautifully realised environment filled with undead armies to vanquish and treasures to seek out. The vibrant colours alone are so captivating it is easy to get lost in the beauty were it not for the undead who are hell bent on destroying you.

We gamers seldom care for a story and really just want to get on with the action, and whilst the Trine story is not epic by any means the narration is so engaging you'll be drawn in right from the start. The soothing narrator's voice tells of a wondrous tale that begins at the Astral Academy, the details of which I'll leave for your enjoyment, which gels so perfectly with the enchanting medieval mood created through the use of colour and artwork you are literally transported to another world. In truth you never really want the game to end but all do things do come to an end…and fortunately there is sufficient replayability to entice another run through."

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