Jack Black Calls to Remind You Brütal Legend is Due Tomorrow

Gamervision writes:
"Gamestop's favorite thing in the world, besides not giving publishers money for used game sales, is getting celebrities to make phone calls for them. When Ghostbusters was released, Dan Aykroyd called everyone who reserved the game to remind them to pick it up, and Mario did the same for Mario Kart early last year. This time around, Jack Black is shilling for the publisher, making calls to promote Brütal Legend. The clip is below."

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WildArmed3296d ago

lmfao classic.
God I wish i could preorder the game.
Have people be like WTF when they listen to my voicemail =p

Raoh3296d ago

Didn't know this was being released the same day as Uncharted 2...

Sorry Tim Shafer but between Uncharted and Demon's, Brutal will just have to wait..

I'll probably download it and burn it but have time for play it for a few weeks...

I think we know which console can expect to see higher sales of Brutal Legend

WildArmed3296d ago

But considering Forza 3 comes out soon for 360, brutal might not see that many sales either.

But then again not every1 likes a racing sim.. ( i know i dont like racing games alot.. only racing game i've played this gen is..... Burnout paradise >.< )