Daily Joypad: WET Review

Overall WET is an exhilarating experience rarely seen in a video game. One minute you will be falling from an exploding plane at 30,000 feet, dodging debris and dispatching enemies as you go. The next you will be diving across balconies and wall-running around the architecture of a British mansion house. Every level feels unique and fresh to the very end and certainly a hell of a lot of fun to play.

The downside is that once you have been through it there is little to make you want to play it all again. There are items to collect and better scores and combos to beat but unless you're a completionist then these won't really bother you. But if you're looking for a high-octane piece of gaming then it doesn't get better than this. If you are a fan of action, John Woo, or Tarantino movies then be sure to take Rubi for a spin in WET!

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