Half-Minute Hero for PSP Shipping Tomorrow

Playstation Blog writes:

"Jessica Chavez here. XSEED games mid-level peon, editor and one of the people partly responsible for bringing Half-Minute Hero to your unsuspecting PSPs. I'm here to talk a little about the game, flaunt its secrets, and most importantly, explain away the title that reminds too many gamers about their bedroom exploits.

So 3, 2, 1, START!

Half-Minute Hero is NOT the title of a porno with a very small budget. It actually had a modest budget and most characters stayed clothed."

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PirateThom3390d ago

Gran Turismo has rekindled my PSP use, so this is on the cards.

gintoki7773390d ago

i tried playing japanese demo and it pissed me off lol