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Just Push Start writes: "We are now in the fall season; which means gamers wallets are going to be getting pretty light. Uncharted 2 received a glowing review from us, but it's not the only anticipated game releasing soon. Brutal Legend, the latest game by gaming legend Tim Schafer releases on the same day as Uncharted 2: Among Thieves. Brutal Legend has had quite an interesting history, all of which have helped drum up tons of hype around the game. Though the question remains, does it live up to the hype surrounding it?"

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WildArmed3476d ago

hmm a 7..
maybe I should wait for a few more reviews then decide on buying the game soon or later.

(Either way I am going to pick this up)
IGN sure seemed to love BL


If it manages to mantain an 8.5 in Meta it will be much. Anyway its a good game with really METAL MAYHEM on it and I have been enyoing it just for what it is...a Metal tribute to...METAL!!!!!

Peace and Gaming!!!!!!

EvGar3476d ago

and... Metal!

Being the inner metalhead that I am, I am going to pick this one up.